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CCTV Installation


CCTV Installation

What we do

We offer various CCTV installations which can be set up at a home address or business.

These installations can be anything from a single camera set up or a complete inside and outside set up, we offer a range of low cost setups which includes anything from an Analog D1 up to the ultimate 4K HD setup. For full pricing and set up information please get in touch.

CCTV Installation - Sudbury, Suffolk
CCTV Installation - Halstead, Essex

CCTV Options

There are now a number of common formats for CCTV which can be broken into two types;

Analog: The signal is converted into an analog format and typically sent via coaxial cable to the recorder where it is converted back to a digital format and saved.

IP: The entire image is sent to a recorder via CAT5 or CAT6 cable and remains purely digital.

4K CCTV Image Example
CCTV Installation - Halstead, Essex

Different Camera Options

Below is a list of the image resolutions supported by each camera and the numbers represent the amount of information in the picture (pixels). In layman’s terms each camera is taking the same picture so a higher pixel count results in a more detailed image:

Analog D1 – Traditional Analog CCTV – Image 720 X 576

Analog AHD 720P – Low End HD – Image 1280 X 960

Anolog TVI 1080P – Standard HD – 1920 X 1080

Ultra HD IP CCTV – 3MP IP Camera – 2048 X 1536

4K HD IP CCTV – 4MP IP Camera – 2560 X 1440

View 4K Sample images here.
You can also download sample images from the 1080p HD Camera we offer, Download Here.

4K Sample Pictures

Below we have samples of the 4K images taken from the 4K HD IP CCTV outside Sarala. Please note only a 4K display will show you the full detail this camera can produce.

4K UHD CCTV being shown at day time
4K UHD CCTV being shown at night time