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PAT Testing


PAT Testing

PAT tests are essential to ensure the safety of any electrical appliances and to ensure that these safety standards are being maintained.

What is a PAT Test

A PAT test is a routine inspection of some types of electrical appliance to check they are safe to use. Its purpose is to prevent electrical accidents in the workplace.

A full PAT test should include both a visual inspection and a more in-depth check using specialist PAT testing equipment. This test includes earth continuity, lead polarity, and insulation resistance checks. Some appliances only need a reduced test, called a PAT insulation test.

At the end of a PAT test, every appliance should be marked ‘passed’ or ‘failed’.

At Sarala Computers we can help with all your PAT Testing requirements and provide you with an electronic record of your hardware. For any clients with a lot of items to test, we can provide you with a day rate rather than a per item rate.